Why animal world is better than human society

When we want to express some negative emotions, the way we feel about someone, we compare people to animals. We say “He is a pig!”, “He is a great moron”, “She is such a bitch!”

But I believe most of us realize how wrong we are. Not about people, about animals. Why insult them by comparing them to the worst representatives of our kind? Some of us may say “Yeah, animals are better than people” without realizing how right they actually are. I just though what if I name a couple of reasons why I am being so skeptical:

1.Animals don’t lie. One can say “that’s just because they can’t talk” or “that’s just because of they are not so smart” etc., but it’s a fact. They don’t.

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Guerrilla Girls

Thinking of the current social situation, I can’t but feel some modern tendencies getting a broader understanding and interest in the whole world. If earlier everyone searched for economic improvement, now when the life conditions have stabilized a bit, we start finding our social ways, which of course gives birth to different socially active flows. One of such flows is feminism. I consider this movement to be rather young, just because its radical current appearance is not so old. Women actually fight for their rights and fort leading among men. But if in the past all this in general carried a character of propaganda and theoretical basis, now feminists are people of action.

Thus, the number of different feminist groups and movements becomes larger every day and they get the access absolutely in all spheres of our lives. The movement I want to discuss here is called Guerrilla Girls and it’s one of the most interesting feminist phenomena in modern art.

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