Why animal world is better than human society

When we want to express some negative emotions, the way we feel about someone, we compare people to animals. We say “He is a pig!”, “He is a great moron”, “She is such a bitch!”

But I believe most of us realize how wrong we are. Not about people, about animals. Why insult them by comparing them to the worst representatives of our kind? Some of us may say “Yeah, animals are better than people” without realizing how right they actually are. I just though what if I name a couple of reasons why I am being so skeptical:

1.Animals don’t lie. One can say “that’s just because they can’t talk” or “that’s just because of they are not so smart” etc., but it’s a fact. They don’t.

2.Animals don’t pretend. A cat doesn’t play with you if she / he doesn’t want to, a cat isn’t going to take a nap on your lap if she / he doesn’t trust you and she is definitely not going to purr if she is about to scratch your eyes out.

3.Grown up animals don’t rape and abuse baby animals. They will die before they let anyone do that. Lioness (or any other female) won’t leave her offspring.

4.They are not capable of betrayal. There are rules in animal world too, and they will never break them. When a pride comes to a watering-place, males are the first ones to quench their first. Then come females and baby lions. No matter what happens, they are not capable of braking that rule for their own profit.

5.Loyalty to a mate. Lions will protect their pride. One can leave the pride and create one of his own later, but a lion mates only with lionesses from his own pride. Some kinds of animals are loyal only to one partner; they mate for life (swans, wolves). Such animals don’t have any idea what cheating is.

6.Loyalty to a human. If you take a dog, feed it and give it a shelter – it is your friend for life. He will never leave you, his love is unconditional, he doesn’t love you for your looks or your money, he just loves you. Unconditionally.

7.Animals don’t kill ones of their kind without a reason: only if it’s a fight for a territory / female / etc. They are mentally stable by the way.

8.Meanness and hypocrisy are the qualities that have nothing to do with animals. A lioness doesn’t play nice with an antelope. Antelope knows lioness is going to kill it when catches, so antelope runs as fast as it can, there is no pretension. A healthy eagle is not going to try to humiliate a sick one.

9.They are selfless and they don’t care if the ones they are with have a better place under the sun, they don’t care how they look etc.

10.They are forgiving. If a cruel owner beats his dog, the dog is going to come back, it is not even going to be mad…

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