Various Standarts of Beauty

The most surprising image of a beautiful person was probably in the culture of the ancient Maya tribes. Being the dedicated sun worshipers they were eager to resemble their god. The flat and round face with the nose which is not protruded forward was the most desirable one. These “perfect” face features were the ones that everyone wanted to have. The offspings of Maya still have the batter noses. To reach this effect the scull of a baby was fixed in a special pieces of wood. The flexible bones of a baby were deformed in the way which made his head reminding the disc of the sun. The sign of the feminine beauty was the squinting. When a baby girl was born her parents hang the colored balls above her bed and the girl was growing cross-eyed for sure. Another fashionable trick was to grind the teeth down and cover the remains with the ruby or emerald powder. The adult women covered their body with a sticky smelly red butter. Wearing that strange greasy film on their bodies they were considered to be elegant. They also painted their faces.

The tribes of Africa and South Asia considered the unnaturally long neck to be feminine and attractive. From a certain age the girl’s neck was enchained in the iron rigs, which number grew with each year. As a result the girl’s neck became more than 25 centimeters long. The muscles holding the spine were gradually weakening and couldn’t fulfill their functions. When a woman was condemned the rings were torn off her neck and her spine was broken under the weight of her own head.

The miniature women with tiny feet were considered to be ideal in the ancient China. The woman who had the foot of the modern 7 or 8 shoe size was unable to marry, as the men supposed her to be ugly. The girls of the wealthy and noble families had their feet firmly bandaged so that the toes were attached to the sole. As a result the foot wasn’t growing and the toes gradually mummified. Of course the woman with such feet couldn’t walk and was accompanied by her servants. That may however have in implicit idea of the patriarchal way of leading the family. The woman was unable to leave the house on her own or to watch her husband’s affairs.

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