Higher education in different countries.

Higher education is the highest priority of any civilized person. Why? In the modern world the fact one has higher education means his belonging to the best layer of human society. Unlike the primary and secondary education, higher education even in the developed countries isn’t common. In the most developed countries half of population has higher education, but if we take the developing counties of Africa, the things differ.

To enter an African university, it is necessary to get the certificate called SSCE. Exams are carried out by the African examination councils. For obtaining this certificate it is necessary to pass the following exams: exact sciences, English, technical and professional subjects. After these examinations it is possible to enter a university, a technical secondary institute or a teacher training college. In African countries there have always been great difficulties with any education, to say nothing of the higher one. Access to higher education remains limited, especially for country people. Though, distance education is very popular there: it’s a common practice to send students abroad to study.

The Australian education system was created by sample of a British model, and it remains the same today. In the country with the population of 20 million people there are 40 universities, more than 350 colleges, hundreds public and private schools. The educational level of Australia takes the third place among the countries of The United Nations. The Australian educational system is multistage and usually full-time. It mostly takes the students 3 years (except some specialties where young people study for 4, 5 or 6 years) to graduate from the university. All Australian universities observe high quality standards of teaching and training. Here should be mentioned a group of eight best universities: Australian National University, Monash University, University of Adelaide, University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia.

Speaking about India, it should be pointed out that education there is relatively cheap in comparison with the other countries. There are many specialties in Indian universities and man can find even the rarest one. But pharmacology, jewelry study and management are taught there best of all there, as there are lots of minerals in India and drugs industry is highly developed there. We should also mention that engineering and technological professions are quite appreciated in modern India, that’s why universities prepare students with a background in engineering perfectly: graduating students of technical specialties are very welcomed in the USA.

The educational level in Europe has been quite high since the early centuries, that’s why European universities are very attractive to the students of the other parts of the world. Education in the USA is the most expensive. High cost of education there is justified by the rich and modern technical facilities, a great variety of courses, well-known qualified teachers, comfortable living conditions for students and what not. On graduation from any U.S. university, one can hope for getting a great job and building bright career in any country of the world.

So as you see, higher education is extremely important nowadays and one shouldn’t underestimate its importance.

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