IFAW Seal Rescue

The seal hunting in Canada constitutes a real danger to the living of the local seal population as it is reported today. But that is not the single threat to the well-being of these animals. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) starts the campaign to save the seals worldwide. The efforts of the activists find the support in a wide number of countries including Canada, Russia and Namibia. The citizens of these countries offer their help no matter if they are scientists, officials or just the people who care about the animals.

For a long period of time the fishmen in Canada considered the gray seals to be the harmful animals. Up to the middle of the 50s the Canadian government allowed to kill them. During the recent years the population of the gray seals began to restore and that fact caused the discussion about the mass eradication of the species. That reason for this barbaric wish is the fear of the fishing companies that the seals will regulate the population of the fish which may have the negative effect on the amount of the catch.

Nowadays the Canadian authorities give their permission to hunt the gray seals stating that their mass extermination will bring profit to the commercial fishing industry. But there is not any scientifically proved reasons for these statements.

The beginning of the hunting the baby seals with their mothers on the Sable Island may lead to the population reduction of these helpless animals for more than 70 %. The IFAW continues the tries to get the control over this situation and provides the financial support of the research of the seals nutritional and behavior peculiarities.

The sea bear habituating on the coasts of the Southern Africa was hunted because of its valuable fur. Between July and November the coast turns into the bloody slaughterhouse. The authorities of Namibia prohibit publishing the photos of this barbarism, but the IFAW protests against the violent methods of killing and its horrifying extent. Its spreads the information about the cruelty of the local hunters. The awful tools with the help of which the heads of the baby seals are smashed run contrary to all the principles of humane animal treating.

The seal hunting industry has existed in the South of Africa since the beginning of the seventeenth century. To the beginning of the nineteenth century 23 seal colonies were slaughtered and the number of the population rapidly declined. Despite the fact that the hunting industry has been officially prohibited in Namibia from 1990 these animals are still being killed in a huge amounts.

The IFAW joins to other activist movements to cease the killing of the seals in Namibia and Canada. It also provides the protection of the rookeries and studies the baby seals development. In the Southern Africa there is a research station near Port-Elizabeth. The main goal of the scientists living there is to rescue and return the baby seals left by their mothers into their natural environment.

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