Food Is a Right, not Privilege

The aggressiveness of the modern world, terrorism and the threat of nuclear wars have invoked the protest of the society which is expressed in different kinds of social movements. Food Not Bombs, for example, is a world wide organization which protests against militarism, poverty and hunger. The main idea of this social movement is that the governments should review their priorities and spend more money on food for those who are in need, rather than on wars and arms race.

Food Not Bombs presents independent groups of activists whose aim is to feed all hungry people. They provide mostly vegetarian or vegan food for free. The choice of vegan food is explained by the fact that it is useful for health, and besides, they say that if people use all territory occupied by meat producing industry for growing fructiferous plants the problem of hunger in the world will be solved.

This movement was founded in 1980 in the USA. Nowadays, people of more than sixty countries share the ideas of Food Not Bombs. Volunteers distribute products among homeless and poor people on concerts, street events and meetings. They mostly use the food surplus which is usually thrown away on the markets, warehouses and shops. By doing so, FNB demonstrates that there is enough food in the world to feed the hungry, but the principles of militarism and capitalism cause improper distribution of products.

Despite the peaceful concept of Food Not Bombs some governments show their negative attitude towards this movement and even claim this activity to be illegal. This organization has no president or headquarters, each group works independently and the decisions are made on the basis of consensus.

FNB participate in antiglobal and antiwar movements. Everybody who is concerned about the problems of the humankind can become a member of FNB and contribute to the solution of worldwide problems.

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