The Strangest Places to Live in

Due to the process of globalization which gains an incredible speed all over the world traveling to different, even the remotest places of the world has become a question of no difficulty. What can be easier than arrive in another country, book a hotel room and live there for as long as you like. However, some hotel keepers find it boring and offer us some extraordinary kinds of accommodation. In search of adventures and new emotions people agree to live in the strangest places some of them can hardly be called convenient.

For example, in France you can enjoy staying at La Villa Hamster which is situated in Nant. This hotel consists of only one room which offers you the opportunity to feel like hamster. The room has a container with organic grain, iron barrel with water, a bed which you can reach through climbing narrow iron staircase hanging in the air and metal wheel with the diameter of two meters where two persons can run simultaneously. When you arrive in this hotel you are offered to put on the hamster’s costume and test this wheel.

The Jail hotel in Australia speaks for itself – till 1995 it was a real prison which was then reorganized in a hotel, though the conveniences remained minor. You can choose a single cell to spend some time with your thoughts, or the cell for two, four or ten persons to feel the atmosphere of jail. You will be provided with a bed, a bathroom, TV in the hall and breakfast. Still, this hotel is very popular among people who are tired of the comfort of the modern civilization.

Propeller Island City Lodge in Germany presents an art project rather than a hotel in its traditional meaning. All 45 rooms are designed by a German artist Lars Stroschen and do not resemble each other. Some items in the rooms are very fragile, so the guests receive instructions on how to treat them. For instance, if you choose the room with a coffin instead of a bed, you are recommended not to slam the lid. There is also a room with a steep slope where the bed hangs in the air and wardrobe is immured into the wall, or the orange room which has only a window with wide window sill where the mattress is places.

It seems that with time the demand for such extraordinary kinds of accommodation will only increase as the human society use all means of fighting with the boredom of comfort living.

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