Problems at work.

Our world is not perfect as well as people who surround us. Many people do have problems at work. Sometimes it is really hard to overcome the situation. It is much harder to do when you have no chance to quit and actually when you just do not want to leave the position. It may happen that you like your job but not people you are working with. Then every single day would be stressful and you would have to cope with it somehow. If the job is significant to you then the only possible way to solve the problem is try to compromise. Otherwise you would fail.

Try to be as ironic as possible. Try to relax and do not take everything too seriously. Try to be funny but please do not overdo. Surely for the first time it might be a little bit difficult for you. At the same time we are all the people. And humor may save the situation. You need to overcome negative feelings and thoughts triggered by tough relations.

I’ve notices that sometimes people can be rude and they can hurt one’s feelings. But usually it is just such a communication style and they do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So sometimes you should pretend that you are on the same wavelength. Sometimes it works. Probably later you will notice that that person do not indent hurt you or whatever. May be it is just his temper. I met some people who literally had hated each other and later they befriended. It may sound strange but it works indeed. People are different. You should find a proper individual approach to them.

If it doesn’t work (even though it should be) try to focus your attention on something else. Try to distract yourself from negative thinking. It would be hard indeed to ignore a person you meet every single day. Appreciate what you have and what this job gives you. Good luck!

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