Me and My Love. Unrequited

I agree that falling in love is the most wonderful miracle in the world but sometimes I have irresistible desire to throw a flower pot at those who say so because it appears that for me love turns into a terrible pain instead of doing stupid romantic things in most cases.

I can not say that I have huge experience in love affairs, but the statistics of my relationships is really frightening. The fact is, I have an amazing talent to fall in love with men who seem to have no idea on how to behave normal and not like the ass holes. However, I think I have no right to blame them as it is me who has chosen these inadequate partners from a great number of other candidates. So, when the recent attempt to create something resembling relationship ended up in failure I finally began to understand that the reason of such unsuccessful personal life may be in me and decided to define what mysterious force draws girls, and me personally, to the guys who are unable to answer your feelings.

The first reason, I suppose, is the chase instinct which presents in all of us. If a guy is unavailable it starts some mechanism in our minds which answers for hunting for the most interesting prey. However, sometimes the reasons of unavailability are quite grounded – the guy can be married, or live in another country, or be your boss or a professor in your university as it was in my case. You can die from love and write kilometers of soap poems but it will not bring you any closer to the object of your passion. So, if you understand the impossibility of being together from the beginning, do not switch on the process of falling in love before it is too late.

As for me, I often choose improper partners out of boredom. For example, I understand perfectly well that dating a biker who has problems with self-control and whose heart totally belongs to his motorcycle is not the best decision, but it is so much fun to have all these quarrels and reunions, mad drives and emotional explosions, at least at the beginning of a relationship. However, with time it leads only to great psychological exhaustion and emptiness.

I think there is no need to complain about the faults and defects of your boyfriends. All in all, we choose what we need, so if you are dissatisfied with your choice may be it is time not only to change your boyfriend but to review your needs and priorities as well in order not to meet his copy the next time.

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