Cherokee language revitalization.

The Cherokee are Red Indians who historically lived in the territories of Georgia, North and South Carolinas and East Tennessee. In the 1830s the Cherokee tribes along with other Native Americans were relocated from their lands to Oklahoma. It is the most infamous and shameful part of American history. According to so called the Indian Removal Act the Five Civilized Tribes were obliged to leave their territories. Moreover Native Americans were forced to give up speaking their native languages.

Today there are various educational programs aiming to revitalize and preserve Cherokee language. Cherokee language is an Iroquoian language. It is considered to be one of the most difficult languages in the world. It uses a peculiar syllabary writing system. It has lots of tenses, uses tone and inflection systems. Moreover the Cherokee speak polysynthetic language. For some historical reasons not many can speak this language.

In 2005 Cherokee Preservation Foundation invested in to the Kituwah Preservation and Education Program of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. It was planned to launch a 10-year program aiming to favor the revitalization of the language.

In fact it turns to be quite challenging for the initiators. Actually not many people could speak the language.

The program of the revitalization of Cherokee language includes the following:

  • creation of the immersion schools for children;

  • launching special courses for adults;

  • scholarships for teachers of Cherokee language;

  • programs for children and adults who want to learn Cherokee as a second language;

  • holding special language symposiums that would help to find the solutions for current problems;

It should be admitted that for the past seven years many things have been accomplished. By the way in the fall of 2012 the final phase would be launched. It would include various programs that offers “a more comprehensive language training curriculum”.

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