Five Useless Cosmetic Items

Aiming to look well we tend to buy all the cosmetic serums, creams and lotions. But the result of using all these items usually appears to be far weaker than they promise in the ads. The effectiveness of the following therapies is often exaggerated by the producing companies to attract more potential buyers. There are at least six useless cosmetic items that promise the treatment for your body, hear or skin but are not worthy to be purchased.

  • The serum aimed to reduce dark circles around your eyes is a 100 % useless thing. Nothing can actually reduce them as they won’t seem to be lighter after the usage of cremes and various serums. The dark circles under the eyes are only to be concealed. If these circles are not the signs of exhaustion or distress they are the natural peculiarity of a human skin. The matter is that the blood vessels are situated too close to the skin surface. And how is the magic dark circle reducing serum supposed to work in this case? The best way to retain a fresh look is to get enough sleep.

  • Age reversing serums are another ploy of the advertisers. The structure of human skin prevents any substance to squeeze into its deep layers. The quick and slight effect is achieved due to the moisture of epidermis. If these serums really had been effective all the plastic surgeons would lose their job.
  • The shower gels and body cremes with exfoliating effect are a mere mixtures of a creamy substance with the exfoliating pieces of natural nuts, coffee beans or fruit pips. The plain body snake will provide the same effect.

  • Cellulite reducing cosmetics is the real nonsense. The developing of cellulite is connected with the wide range of different factors, such as hormonal imbalance, lack of physical exercise, malnutrition and genetic disposition. Nevertheless millions of women keep buying the placebo. The slight effect that could be seen is achieved due to the moisturizing of the upper skin layers. The skin temporarily retains its tone and becomes smooth and soft. But that doesn’t mean that the cellulite under the skin has disappeared or reduced.
  • Nutrition masks for hair repair. The human hair can’t be treated without the direct influence on the hair bulb. The repair masks only stick the lamellas together and ease the process of brushing. The splitting hair can’t be treated by the cosmetic means.

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