If You Want to Grow a Beard…

Which ways to hide the disadvantages of your face do you know? Smart spectacles or appropriate hairstyle may appear to be quite helpful to make you advantages stand out and conceal the defects. But don’t forget about beards and mustache.

During the various period of the world history wearing a beard used to be extremely popular and outdated from time to time. At the present time mustache and beards are not the obligatory attributes of a certain profession or social layer from time to time. The shapes of a beard get more and more sophisticated. With the help of a beard the modern young people express themselves. But no one will deny that a beard or mustache may correct the things that can be corrected only by a plastic surgeon in other way. Here are some tips for those who want to grow a beard but are not quite sure if it will look good on their faces.

If you can’t be referred to as a tall man think twice before growing a beard. It is really that necessary? But if you have made a firm decision t wear a beard coincide wearing a small one which wouldn’t cover large area of your face.

On the opposite those man whose height is rather tall should wear large beards to make their head look more well-proportioned in comparison with their body. The smooth massive beards will suit the tall men with small heads.

Dark beards usually seem larger as they contrast with fair skin colors. The men with dark hair should regularly trim and correct the shape of their beards to make them tidy. Those whose beard is fair can grow it longer but they also need to take good care after it. The shaggy and bushy beard is worse than clean-shaved face of imperfect shape. Remember that a bear always attracts the attention so do the regular procedures, such as combing and sleeking with the same frequency as teeth cleaning.

The matter of hygiene is one of the most important aspect of wearing a beard. Too long mustache will be not very comfortable while eating your meal. The pieces of food that come to standstill between the hair don’t look attractive at all. The facial hair require much care but what is important is that it shouldn’t bring any discomfort to its owner. If you feel uneasy while eating out try to wear a neat imperial instead of long and wide beard a la Henry the Eighth.


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