Coping with fall depression

Quite often many of us suffer from fall depression. You become sluggish and low motivated. Nothing inspires you and you want do nothing except sleeping and nagging. You become more vulnerable and irritated. You are not okay with so many things and you feel yourself desperate. Another common symptom of fall depression is eating disorder. You crave for unhealthy foods or do not want to it at all. It seems like everything is okay but anyway it doesn’t make much sense for you. What are actual reasons of this state? Why do you feel yourself depressed and frustrated? And what should you do to cope with it?

Probably you have noticed that this state haunts you every autumn. Indeed so called autumnal depression is seasonal disorder. According to statistics women suffer from seasonal affective disorder more often than men. People between 40 and 55 years are more affected by the syndrome as others. And in fact autumnal depression causes suicides. Seasonal affective disorder appears to be the most common type of depression in northern countries. People living over there suffer from the lack of light and warmth most of all.

As the matter of fact doctors and psychologists still do not know the exact and actual reasons of fall depression. It is believed that seasonal disorder is caused by hormonal changes.

So if you are vulnerable and affected by this kind of disorder you should not ignore it. Try your best to overcome negative thinking and inability to cope with problems. Go for a walk every day. Do not stay all day long at home or in office. Probably you do not want to do it. But you have to. Force yourself. Remember that 15 minutes walk would enhance your mood. Pay much attention to your diet. They say that oatmeal is a must. Do not eat junk and unhealthy foods. Replace them with mineral-rich products. Usually we ignore it and do not take into account how important it might be.

Physical training is also very helpful in the case. Force yourself to do exercises. It helps you to distract from negative thinking. So try to busy yourself as much as possible. It really works. If you have a chance to travel around sunny countries then do not miss the opportunity to do it. It would be the best treatment.

Meet up your friends as often as possible. You should realize that you will able to overcome this state. Just do not give up. You are not alone.


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