IFAW Seal Rescue

The seal hunting in Canada constitutes a real danger to the living of the local seal population as it is reported today. But that is not the single threat to the well-being of these animals. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) starts the campaign to save the seals worldwide. The efforts of the activists find the support in a wide number of countries including Canada, Russia and Namibia. The citizens of these countries offer their help no matter if they are scientists, officials or just the people who care about the animals.

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Why animal world is better than human society

When we want to express some negative emotions, the way we feel about someone, we compare people to animals. We say “He is a pig!”, “He is a great moron”, “She is such a bitch!”

But I believe most of us realize how wrong we are. Not about people, about animals. Why insult them by comparing them to the worst representatives of our kind? Some of us may say “Yeah, animals are better than people” without realizing how right they actually are. I just though what if I name a couple of reasons why I am being so skeptical:

1.Animals don’t lie. One can say “that’s just because they can’t talk” or “that’s just because of they are not so smart” etc., but it’s a fact. They don’t.

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