Surf on the Internet Safely

Many people work via the internet or just search for some entertaining there. To surf on the internet safely it is recommended to observe some simple rules. The firs thing is to protect your personal data. Your password is your key to the personal account and secret information. Keep your password in a safe place if you can’t manage to remember it. Don’t write the password on the same piece of paper where your user name or the number of the personal account is already written. Never tell your password to anyone else including the members of your provider company stuff. Change the password for the internet access from time to time. The most optimal is to change it once each three months. Male up a complicated password. Don’t use the simple combinations like “qwerty” or “12345”. These ones are easily guessed by the hackers. To use the date of birth as a password is also not a good idea. The longer your password is the more difficult it is to guess it.

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