The Danger of Becoming Adult

Do not get me wrong, I like to be adult as know there is a great amount of possibilities in front of me and the chance to make all my dreams come true. I enjoy making decisions of my own, feeling free, earning money and traveling without providing a detailed report of my adventures. I am just afraid to be adult in a negative sense.

The adult woman I do not want to turn into is always reasonable and logical; she can not perform any spontaneous action, like walking bare feet along the main street of the city or leaving for some exotic country to become diving instructor. She do not like when her neighbors listen to too loud music and call the police to calm them down instead of joining the party. She always counts money and saves them for something essential, like a new flat or car, instead of spending a part of them on some dress she wanted to buy on an impulse. She tries to keep even love under her control as she chooses her partner according to the matter of convenience, not feelings.

Everything is Ok with that woman; I just think that her life is somewhat boring and impressionless, or too much adult if it can be said so. My friends gradually become adults of this kind – they speak of work and expensive devices, they will not rush to another city for a weekend to spend it with their company as it is more appropriate to communicate through the Internet or phone. Though, only a few years ago they were the craziest people I knew.

I understand that life dictates its own rules and it is impossible to reach success without becoming serious. I just want to preserve a part of childish nature throughout life and do not forget that it is not the material things which really matters.

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