Mate Selection – Checking the Woman Out

You can be single or have long successful relations with a woman you really love. Or you can be a married man with a bunch of noisy children. It does not matter, what your marital status is when it comes to looking at the other women. Men make the check out of other girls’ appearance unwittingly; it is in their nature to behave like they are constantly involved in the process of mate selection. However, women often fail to understand this particular feature of man’s character, so some excuses should be invented in order to look at the other girls without being eaten alive by your sweetheart.

If you feel that you can not resist the temptation to look at the back of some woman while your girl walks with you, pretend that you dislike what you see and make some jokes about the other woman’s figure, gait or her muffin tops, even if they are imaginary ones. You can also compare this woman with your own to flatter your girlfriend.

Another effective method to estimate some appetizing figure is to pretend that you are interested in what she is wearing and behave like a fashion stylist. You can criticize her taste, her ill-fitting jeans using it as an excuse to have a closer look at her back. Do not forget to compliment your girl on her perfect taste at the same time and you will receive a pleased woman nearby and another one to look at without restriction.

You can also offer your girlfriend to play matching game. Ask her to choose among the passers-by a guy she might want to date and then she will ask you the same question in return. It will give an excellent chance to view all the female candidates on the role of your possible girlfriend. After having enjoyed the sight of all pretty women in the vicinity you can please your girl by saying that you can not choose anyone as no woman is at least half as awesome as she.

Childish behavior is also a good way to reach your goal. It is said that men are like kids, so use this reputation for your benefit. Point to some woman and say that you can see her yellow underwear with pink ducks through her dress. Your girlfriend will find your behavior funny or embarrassing, but anyway innocent.

Finally, you can just be honest and say that your habit to check out other women matters nothing. After observing the result of this method you can return to one of the previous, more secure ways.

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