Is Positive Thinking Really That Positive?

Recently more and more people tend to come cross the vast number of appeals to think positively on the internet, on TV or in the press. “Keep smiling!” and “Think positive!” are really annoying mottoes actually. Especially when all these posters and banners are spiced with the bright rainbows, animated butterflies, yellow smiles and happy suns. If you see that kind of stuff be sure that it is the business of the “positivist” sect. But these communities which claim they bring positive way of thinking to the people’s lives are actually having the negative effect on the mental state of the others.

The main thing that helps us to be happy and lead a conscious life is to feel all the palette of emotions and analyze why do we experience this or that feeling. The awareness of the fact that each moment of our life, no matter if it is a pleasant of sad one, is valuable is actually the key to the desired happiness. But what do the followers of the positive thinking say? “Have you been fired? Cheer up, you’ll soon get a job of your dreams!”. “Have your husband left you? Just smile, he is the lousy type and you are a princess!”. “Are you depressed? Look around! The world is so beautiful!”.

If the one takes these silly advices seriously he soon will appear to be deceiving himself. Each person should live here and now. Every single emotion that can be either positive or negative is the sign that you are alive. But these people who shot that the positive thinking is the key to happiness are misleading the others in fact. They suggest to store and hide the negative emotions without the possibility to release them and cover them up with smiles and sugary phrases. That practice is the most widely spread one among the white collars. That is not a surprise the office employees turn out to be the ones who are subjected to depression more than the people of other occupations.

This culture of “positive thinking” results in the fact that the largest amount of suicides are committed by the white collars. Another interesting fact is that the suicides are commonly committed on Fridays. That may give us a clue that as soon as the person faces the weekend he has no need to hide his negative emotions. This flow of piled up sorrows and bitterness takes over a person who has no more stamina to smile.

Don’t believe the people claiming that positive thinking will bring you happiness. Value each moment of your real life with its joy and sadness.

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